Our Story

Redstart draws together and co-ordinates WSP UK’s focus in Wales. Together with the Welsh Government and Unitary Authorities, we work across the full portfolio of infrastructure, property, health, and digital IT communication platforms.


Redstart’s origins go back 20 years. Our first incarnation was in response to a local Government reorganisation, when the Gwent and Glamorgan design consultancies became shared service providers for multiple local authorities. The aim: to provide more cost-effective specialist services for local authorities as a response to a limited pool of people and resources. The idea being to share and trade services across boundaries.

Five years later, the Gwent Consultancy evolved into a Public Private Partnership called the WSP UK Gwent Joint Venture Company. The strategic alliance with WSP UK proved a catalyst to maintaining high-quality technical and professional skills and encouraging the organisation to look beyond traditional consultancy, taking a broader approach to value for money and investment. Its success led to the WSP UK Glamorgan Joint Venture being created in 2008, with a 15-year operating tenure to 2023.


Based on the outskirts of Cardiff, the JV team today is integrated into a group of 160 staff working and living in South Wales, providing comprehensive services across 11 of the 22 Welsh Authorities, as well as on commercial projects across the UK, sustaining local employment and skills development. We now have an opportunity to use the strength of our local government relationships and insight to help achieve regional growth beyond our core  remit of highway and transportation infrastructure by linking to wider WSP UK services.


Becoming Redstart is a confident response to signal a change in direction and opportunity. One that allows us and other collaborating authorities in South Wales to respond to the scale of opportunity offered by new infrastructure models such as the City Regions and City deal. These require wider holistic outcomes and present bigger challenges. Challenges that require greater levels of partnership and access to property development and commercial investment business case implementation.

Put simply, Redstart will shape, deliver, and support collaborative regional projects, providing investment where appropriate to make things happen.


To work with local authorities, businesses, and communities to:

  • Increase collaboration among local authorities and communities.
  • Provide better value for money by sharing resources, opportunities, and revenue.
  • Provide wide-ranging local services that are adaptable to the needs of commissioners and users.
  • Promote our wider skills and capabilities beyond highway and transport infrastructure.
160 The number of people working locally in and alongside the JV across the portfolio of infrastructure services.
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