Our Culture

What’s it like working at Redstart? Rather than try and describe the culture of the company, we thought it made better sense to ask our own employees what they thought about working for us?

This is what they said:

It’s nice to work with likeminded, capable engineers who act professionally and contribute to the success of a project. Many of whom actually benefit directly as the projects are happening in their local communities.
Lee Selway

I can sum it up in two words: relaxed, friendly
Holly Lewis

It’s a very welcoming and very professional organisation. I work in a great team that knows how to get the job done, and how to have fun along the way.
Patrick Ellis

Everyone works hard, individually and as a team, to ensure deadlines are met and we receive positive feedback from clients.
Elis Phillips

It’s very friendly and a nice environment to work in. Our culture is also created by our various partnerships around the UK, so we’re often welcoming new organisations and new people into ‘the family’.
Mark Rees-Williams

That’s a tough one, but I’d say the culture is hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable, and very professional.
Jack Thorrington

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