Our Structure

Redstart operates through a Joint Venture Company Main Board of seven Directors supported by an Operations Board. Both the Main Board and the Operations Board have a combination of Unitary Authority and WSP UK team members.

The Redstart Board deals directly with the Unitary Authority Councils through their Senior Management Teams and Cabinet structures – and through JV Main Board representation by the Chief Executives and Council Leaders. The WSP UK Directors link to the wider service divisions of WSP UK.

The Redstart delivery team, part of a group of 160 people, is based at WSP UK’s Quest House in St Mellons Business Park, Cardiff . The Redstart operating model deals directly with the partner Unitary Authorities (UA) and provides services through joint teams where appropriate. The Redstart team also link to wider WSP UK Group teams and other strategic alliances, including similar local authority Joint Venture companies in the UK.

The Main Board focuses on:

  • achieving the Company Business Plan and Outcomes
  • business case development to achieve outcomes
  • overarching performance and quality of services.

The Operations Board focuses on:

  • providing high-quality value-for-money services
  • project delivery performance
  • client satisfaction
  • developing new or enhanced services
  • implementing improvement plans.

Our Client Service Management Team and Business Development Manager systems ensure Redstart has the very best communications channels. And also, that we have effective processes and relationships for our business to grow and thrive.

Our operating structure


11 The number of Welsh Authorities we reach out to through the JV.
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