The B4265 Carriageway

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We believe good partnerships make good business. Every day, we see the positive and lasting impact our work has on the region. It’s how we make a difference in the cities, towns, and communities where we work.

Under Welsh Government sponsorship, we were commissioned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to realign the B4265 between Gileston and Oldmill.

The project involved removing the poor horizontal and vertical alignment on a section of the road between the River Thaw and St Athan Junction. It also required building a two-span pipe bridge across the proposed carriageway.

To meet the ecological requirements of the Welsh Government, we first had to relocate a colony of adders living near the worksite.

It’s not everyday you have to relocate a colony of rare snakes

But we also had to overcome other major challenges. Namely:

  • maintaining the live overhead sewer during the demolition of existing concrete supports, and replacement with a new pipe bridge structure
  • complying with clearance envelopes to the pipe bridge and ensuring the new alignment was above spring high tide levels
  • the presence of shallow rock
  • carrying out works without disrupting operations in the nearby Aberthaw and RWE Plant.

We completed the works over 15 months and received a glowing commendation from the client:

It’s been a rewarding and informative time working with the team. They’ve genuinely earned my praise for the way they’ve delivered the project. It would be a pleasure to work with these individuals again.

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