Paul Sullivan

Principal Engineer

We’re a hard working bunch who love to get the job done – and done well

What do you do all day?

I’m in charge of managing a wide range of projects, and play a key role in designing all manner of highway schemes of different sizes, from minor to major, across the region.

What do you like best about your role?

The variety of work really keeps us on our toes. You never know what might come up next. I also really like the camaraderie among all my colleagues, and get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing projects successfully completed and then seeing the ongoing benefits they bring to the local area.

What qualities do you need to do your job well?

You need to be really committed to each and every project and be really well organised. An ability to work easily with others is vital, as you deal with lots of different groups of people, both inside and outside the company. Also, be ready for any challenge, as there are lots of different types of projects with differing expectations.

Have you developed personally or professionally since you joined the organisation?

I was employed by Glamorgan Engineering Consultancy when they entered into a joint venture with WSP UK, so it was a new world opening up. Since joining WSP UK I have gained Incorporated Engineer status, and become a member of the Society of Road Safety Auditors.

Outside of work, what do you get up to?

Since I stopped playing football, I’ve become an avid armchair football fan. I also do a fair amount of walking and enjoy the occasional cycle.

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